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2009 Edition of Learn Reloading.
This is the ONLY reloading DVD that is not an overview. This DVD is the only one that gives you step-by-step reloading instructions. (You will need a manual to know what load goes with what bullets but most viewers can start reloading right away.)

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Multiregion DVD compatible--This DVD
work anywhere on multiregion players

handgun refers to straight cases.
rifle refers to curved cases.

Both rifles and handguns fire both straight and curved cases.
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HI Mr Curran,

I'm from Australia and recently ordered your 41 minute reloading dvd. Seeing I do not know any one who reloads and couldn't understand books as even the simple ones were to foreign for me to understand I decided to purchase your product. And can I say what an awesome guide it is. I had no idea what to do and now feel like with the right books in front of me I could make a safe and half reasonable load.

Not only that though but now the 3 books I bought in the first place might be of some use to me as I will be able to understand them.

So thanks again for a great DVD. Although sometimes the music was a bit clock work orange like. haha.




Two years in development--this is the best* reloading video on the market. 

*Why is this the best video? The author is a retired research chemist who worked with explosive reactions, a video filmmaker (He even worked on the tv series Wiseguy.), and a reloader. No other production company could afford to spend the time (2 years) getting the minute detail that this video goes into. There are no scenes of star shooters running around having fun in this video to fill time. This is indepth how-to detail at its best.

If you are new to reloading let this new DVD (January 2009) be your guide to saving 50% or more on ammunition.

You probably have a specific bullet or bullets you want to reload. For this video an RCBS Rock Chucker Master Reloading Kit was chosen as the press--because it is one of the most popular presses out there--that is, you can find the press and parts for it easily--as well as used parts, etc. The chances are that no matter what bullet you want to reload RCBS'll have the tools for it. (And RCBS even has its own bullet line, Speer, with it's own loading manual. But you can load any bullet line with this press.)

Even if you decide to buy a multistep loading press, or a press from a different manufacturer, the basic procedures are the same so the steps in this video apply to most presses and most bullets.

In this video you'll learn to reload both straight cases (usually referred to as handgun cases) and necked down cases (usually referred to as rifle cases), so most of the ammo out there is covered, and there will be no need to buy a separate rifle or pistol video.

You will, of course, need to buy, safety glasses or goggles, a loading press, and obtain a loading manual (to tell you what powder to use with the bullet you are loading)--but many presses come with manuals included, as discussed in the video.

Where possible other manufacturer's tools are used. For example the video uses a Lyman caliper, and Frankford Arsenal case tumbler(an inexpensive, tough little tumbler.)

Thus "Learn Handgun & Rifle Reloading in Under 41 Minutes" is probably the best reloading video for the beginner. Without a wasted moment this video shows you how to set up an inexpensive, space-saving, spouse-pleasing workbench, how-to setup an RCBS Rock Chucker Press, how to remove spent primers, resize cases, insert new primers, measure and load powder, and insert a new bullet. This video's 36 chapters let you review processes easily, without having to search. As one reviewer on says this book "is like having a friend show you" how to do it safely.

Chapters: (indexed with instant play buttons):
(There are actually two chapter indexes.  One with motion video to help find sections if you don't know the name, and one "one page" index with "names only" to quickly find a chapter.)

A short introduction to reloading.
How to build a space-saving(spouse-pleasing)workbench.
How to set up an RCBS Rock Chucker press.
Assembling the primer arm. Assembling the powder measure.
(Handgun cases):
The shell holder. Introduction to resizing dies (carbide).
Examining shell cases. Extra tools you might want to have.
Resizing the case. Case cleaning. Using the expander die.
Correcting expander errors. Pinless expanding.
Loading primers. Measuring out powder.
Seating a bullet.
The bullet puller.
If a bullet gets stuck in the barrel.
(Rifle cases):
Necked down rifle cases.
Tumbler Cleaning.
Lubing rifle cases.
Using Steel dies.
Washing rifle cases.
Trimming cases if necessary.
Finishing necked down cases.
A short-cut for rifle ammo.
Weighing out powder for rifles.
 Powder safety.
Hangfire--what it is, what to do.
The chronograph--a fun extra.
Why you should never overload.
And a supply list of items mentioned in the video

Chapter page






Two years in the making

The latest (July 16, 2007)

"Learn Muzzleloading,"

the best DVD on

muzzleloading, is now available.


or order both in a handy 2 DVD set and save.

The Two Pack set now contains the 2009 Learn Reloading and the 2007 Learn Muzzleloading.


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Reloading DVD

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<-This is the 2 pack!
Great manuals and  books on reloading. 
You will need a manual.   There are far to many load
combinations to cover them on a dvd.
A manual may come with your reloading equipment.
Unless you have a newly invented round an old manual is as good as a new one. 

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