Up to $10,000 reward for information leading to a successful Copyright Infringement Case.

We will pay 1/25th of a court reward paid to us for copyright infringement of LEARN HANDGUN AND RIFLE RELOADING IN UNDER 41 MINUTES up to $10,000.

•For individuals who have bootlegged copies of our video on a computer.

___There are no licensed downloads for the above title. Anyone who has a downloaded version of this video on any computer in their possession can and will be taken to court and sued successfully for copyright infringement. And we will diligently pursue these single-copy pirates and seek legal restitution for full $250,000 or more allowed by law. And we will reward those helping us to achieve a successful legal action.*

___Any individual who has a copy on his or her computer is as guilty of piracy as anyone distributing the video. No one has ever been licensed to copy the DVD to a computer. You can turn in such a person even if they copied the video from a licensed DVD. Having any copy on a computer is an actionable offense.

• For individuals who own a pirated disk copy of this video. And we will diligently pursue these pirates and seek legal restitution. And we will reward those helping us to achieve a successful legal action.

• For sellers illegally selling our video.

• For any individual illegally making our video available online.

To earn the reward email us at CopyrightEnforcement@dfcurran.com

1. with your email address. Name, physical address and phone.

2. The name of the individual who has a copy on their computer, a bootlegged disk, or seller selling bootlegged copies.

3. The address where the bootlegged copy can be found. If possible include the person's email address and phone.

__We do need the actual identity and physical address of the person providing bootlegged copies in any form.

4. Please explain how you came to know this individual has a bootlegged copy.

*Yes we will sue a person with one illegal copy on their computer. Even if they are not making money distributing it. This is piracy and theft of a video we put a great deal of work into. The individual with one copy is as guilty as the distributor and we will reward you for turning the individual in with a percentage of what we win from them in court.

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